Why is co-working space becoming so popular?

Kieran Watman

Flexibility, productivity, wellbeing, community, experience, location. These are just some of the words to describe benefits of co-working spaces.

Let’s start with location, the main motivation for co-working spaces. Freelance designers, remote workers, team meetings – a vast majority of people use co-working spaces to be closer to the community they are working for but also removing the need for such crazy commutes. Better suited locations for workers will help to increase productivity and productivity, these locations can be outside of the city centre, inside the city centre, give access to cafes, restaurant, shops and public transport. All of these factors contribute to the large amount of workers using co-working spaces for ease of location.

Flexibility is another benefit of co-working spaces. People thrive in co-working spaces due to the flexibility the spaces offer them. Freelancers are able to choose spaces that are closer to the firms they are or want to be working for or just to switch up the scenery from their boring home office; small start up businesses are able to think of growth whilst keeping overheads low, no need for large office rents, the cost of cleaning or any other costs associated with running an office, their main overheads will include the rent of the desk and possibly the amount of coffees they have in the day! Having the flexibility to choose your hours, choose your space and decide how you wish to work is a bonus for any freelancer, start up, employer and employee.

Large co-working companies allow the flexibility of how you wish to have your space. For example, We Work offers many different solutions to fit your needs – standard private offices; office suites; headquarters and customised builds.

Standard Private Offices

These work best for companies of 1-100 employees; small teams; remote workers and those looking for temporary space. These private offices are move-in ready with desks, chairs and filing cabinets ready to go.

Office Suites

This solution is for you if you have a team of 25+; need a large satellite office or somewhere to be your headquarters; and to find an innovation space. Think of a standard private office but upgraded! Shared amenities, your own meeting rooms, lounges as well as executive offices all dedicated to your team.


For teams of 20-250+, these are pre built office suites with pre-configured layouts and basic amenities.

Customised Builds

Think of your dream office. If that is what you want, then this solution is for you. For companies of 50-500+ who want a headquarters for their team. Choose from just one floor to a whole building, We Work can make this happen. You might need a showroom, a music studio, a unique suite, a specialised floor, a one-of-a-kind headquarters, We Work are able to make your dream come true using their experts in architecture and technology. You may be wondering what is the point, you may as well go and find your own office, but the beauty of this solution is We Work are the ones who take on the risk of the long-term leases and capital expenditure.

And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe all of the amenities that come with a We Work membership will. Each locations features the below:

· Super-fast internet
· Micro-roasted coffee
· Business-class printers
· Front desk service
· Unique common areas
· Private phone booths
· Bike storage
· Community managers
· Daily cleaning
· 24/7 building access
· Craft on draft
· Professional and social events
· Fresh fruit water
· Post and package handling
· Office supplies
· Global network


Freelancers often work by themselves, small start ups may not get to meet many people, employees who are constantly on the road can become lonely. Co-working spaces offer a sense of community; fashionistas, financial geniuses, tech heads, designers, coders, the possibility of who you could meet at a co-working space is endless. Not only to socialise but also to share ideas and gain knowledge from specialist areas that you may not come across if working in a company or home office.

When needing a break from the computer or your desk, co-working spaces offer coffee areas, breakout areas and restaurants, another great place to socialise with those that may not cross your path in usual day to day life.

The final, and possibly most important aspect of co-working spaces is the benefit to a workers wellbeing. Not being tied to one single desk, location and social community can encourage productivity and enhance a workers wellbeing. People thrive in a co-working environment, being able to work the hours you want, around new people, in a new and exciting environment.

Co-working spaces are the key to the future.