The team at Primary Office Furniture Services can install just about any type of office workplace imaginable.

Experts in office furniture systems, we can install either newly purchased products, or relocate your existing furniture. Primary Office Furniture Services have an outstanding industry reputation for office furniture installation thanks to the proven processes we follow. We can carry out your individual installation, from start to finish, in just three simple steps.


The Planning Process

plans.pngThe planning process begins with a meeting between the furniture project manager and the lead installer. Throughout this meeting, the team will review the office furniture installation drawings and specifications to ensure correct positioning of furniture and dimensions of the building in relation to furniture layout etc

A communication plan, contact list and schedule is prepared. The project manager creates a schedule for all of the trades involved in the project - electrical, cabling, contractors, installers - in order to keep costs to a minimum.

A job pack is created, containing information on the project, furniture manufacturers, delivery, installation, and schedule. This is made accessible to everyone involved with the project. The project manager will see that the information is accurate, updated, and alerts the team to changes

The Installation

fix.pngAt the time of installation, the team reviews all on-site project specifics, including health and safety.

They locate staging areas, take care of necessary building protection, and establish the route that rubbish will leave the site.

Products are brought in using pre-planned sequences that allow workers, such as cable workers or electricians, to complete their tasks along side the installation.

The team will be responsible for the unloading, distributing, installing, removal and disposal of all used packaging and cleaning down.



Primary will supply a site supervisor who will have vast experience in running a team of office furniture installers. The supervisor will ensure that the team work within the schedule. Depending on the amount of activity required to complete the installation schedule, staffing levels will vary to ensure the most effective and efficient levels of manpower are available.

When the Office installation is completed, the team will ensure that everything is clean, complete and fine-tuned to your satisfaction.   A list will be drawn up by the supervisor and any issues that can be resolved will be completed if possible. Then, when everything is satisfactorily complete, you can unpack and get back to work.

If additional resources are required, Primary have extra management, supervisory and installation personnel for support purposes. Also, vehicles and equipment that may be required are readily available.