Chairs break, tables get scratched, sofas begin to look worn out. Even with just normal daily use, office furniture ends up with scuffs, tears, nicks, digs and dents. And, then there's the office furniture that has suffered coffee rings and stains.

At Primary Office Furniture Services we offer a variety of solutions that protect new furniture and breathe a second life into your existing furniture. With our repair and refinishing service, you'll have the smart, cost-savings advantage of reusing existing inventory.


Furniture Cleaning

A deep clean can help to bring any tired piece of furniture back to life.

The reuse of your existing office furniture can be a cost effective alternative to replacing your entire inventory. What's more is you can still achieve that fantastic feeling of a brand new office with the proper care and attention.

We can clean all brands of existing furniture: chairs, cubicle panels, sofas, or any upholstered item. 

Furniture Repairs

For minor repairs, we can provide on-site refurbishment services, including touch-ups to repair scratches, dents and wood discolouration. We can perform many repairs on most types of furniture. If there's an emergency, we can dispatch the team immediately to your site.

Furniture Polishing

At Primary Office Furniture Services, we regard furniture polishing as an art. Our highly-trained technicians take pride in knowing exactly how to stain wood to perfection, or paint furniture so it looks pristine and new again. Our team can upholster a single chair, or skillfully change the fabric on every chair in your company.