Working from home

In these unprecedented times, employers and employees have now realised that they can successfully work from home. We will see the increase in home offices and the need to prepare an ergonomically, fully productive working space within homes. Colleagues can keep in touch by Zooming or meeting on Microsoft teams, and they can do this from the comfort of their own homes, and possibly even in their pyjama bottoms and a shirt!

Remote working is very likely to become the future for many.

So what are the essentials for home office working?

Desk space – whether you have an office in your home or a dining table, you will need to create a space to work.

Ergonomic Equipment – When setting up your desk space, thinking about what equipment you need is essential; a good office chair is necessary if you are working from home for long periods of time, ensure your back is fully supported; compliment this with an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, large screen monitor and laptop stand all of which will encourage productivity and a comfortable setting to work from.

Communication – When working from home it is important to keep in contact with your colleagues, to do this you should have a reliable wireless router, VPN remote access, and guarantee your microphone and speakers are working correctly.

Filing and Security – Organisational skills are imperative when working from home, this doesn’t just mean printing (invest in a printer if necessary), and filing away (but if you need a filing cabinet, go get one!), this also means on your laptop/computer – back your work up! Password protect it! Possibly buy a hard drive for an external place to save, this way no work will go missing.

Extra helpful items – Other products that can help to create a consistent working environment include noise cancelling headphones, a soft desk lamp, a smart assistant, a calendar, notepad and pens, and a whiteboard or notice board.

Something a bit more fun…

When you have the essentials covered, now it is time to start making your working space a bit more, well, you!

  • Surround yourself with inspiring things
  • Pick a calming paint colour
  • Add plants
  • Go paperless – use the filing system in the cloud
  • Keep your desk clear with purposeful storage
  • Wrap your cables and label them
  • Categorise your work supplies
  • Declutter your desk
  • Stay stocked on office suppliers
  • Drawer organisers
  • Floating shelves
  • Magazine racks
  • Modular shelving systems
  • Push pin boards
  • Built in shelves
  • Trays
  • Magnetic memo boards
  • Giant wall calendar
  • Chalkboard walls

Where could your office be?

The possibilities when working from home are endless.

  • Home office under the stairs – Make the most of unused space underneath the stairs
  • Co-working together – Working from home with your partner? Use back to back or side by side desks
  • Convert an old wardrobe – Think of an old desk bureau, convert an old wardrobe with filing space, pull out keyboard/laptop drawer
  • Built in desks – You’ve seen built in storage but how about a built in desk?
  • Guest bedroom/home office – Low on space? Create a desking area in your spare bedroom
  • Outdoor home office – Unused shed? Make an office in your shed!
  • Attic home office space – An attic has a lot of potential, create the space you need

Your house is your home, and we understand that, so when making home deliveries and installations, the upmost care will be taken. Protection will be provided alongside hoovers and cleaning products to ensure not only your home and furniture is safe, but the installation can be carried out perfectly, allowing you to use your new products straight away.

During the current period of Covid-19, we would like to clarify that all members of Primary Office Furniture Services are temperature checked each morning and will wear gloves and face masks. We will also ask for you to be in another room, or if possible, outside in your garden whilst the work is being carried out.