Primary Office Furniture Services; Adapting, Evolving and Innovating

Here at POFS we are constantly evolving our processes to support both our clients and our team in order to provide the most effective and efficient service possible.

We have implemented innovative new technologies to streamline the way in which we deliver our services. Our unique platforms have been designed specifically to keep clients informed at every stage of their project and facilitate real time updates, giving clarity and peace of mind at all times.


POFS Run Manager

Gone are the days of a paper diary with a pencil and rubber to move jobs around.

With a purpose built run manager Primary Office Furniture Services can see exactly what jobs are on, how many for each day, what team will be on the job and which vehicle will be used.

Essentially Primary OFS work from a digital diary that can be changed and flexible to meet all of the clients needs.

It also notes, delivery details and document uploads for the team to access when on a job and gives immediate information if the client requires it.

Once the job is complete, the installer will take a photo of the paperwork, the finished job or any issues with the furniture through the app. This will be emailed direct to you and our office via Run Manager live updates! This will update automatically on the run manager so we know exactly how the installers day is going.

POFS Storage App

The Primary OFS purpose built warehouse app allows our clients and their clients to access, via website or their mobile, and see exactly what they have in storage.

The app is sorted via box or pallet numbers, it is split into long term storage and work in progress storage

The client will be able to see where their storage is and how long it has been there for.

Work in progress storage shows the date the product arrived and, if applicable, the date the product left the warehouse. Each product entry is accompanied by a picture for ease.