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A 20,000sq ft purpose built storage space solution for businesses

A 20,000sq ft purpose built storage space solution for businesses

Why use Primary Storage as your business solution?

Primary Storage
  • Allows you to have valuable office space free

  • Maximise property costs

  • Store any excess stock

  • Items fully insured

  • Any re-organisation or refurbishment being done, you can store your equipment and furniture with us

  • Located near the M25

  • Quick delivery of inventory when the need arises

  • Arrange deliveries from manufacturers directly

  • We co-ordinate onward delivery once every item is received

  • Paperwork is emailed through to every customer

  • Deliveries are thoroughly checked to ensure items are undamaged

How does it work?

Items stored at Primary Storage are photographed and listed on a purpose built application which is available 24 hours a day.

Your inventory is managed by us so that you have precise details of what we are storing for you, each time you add or remove items your inventory is updated. By using this application you have access to all of your products, their conditions, the colour, and a picture.

Security is a very important aspect when using a business as your storage solution - Primary Storage is set within a very secure compound which include 24 hour CCTV, a passcode barrier, and a padlocked gate for out of office hours.

We ensure your storage is as secure as it needs to be.

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