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Storage Box Hire

Primary Storage offers personal storage that is available to rent for any length of time. We can accommodate your storage needs for as short or as long as possible.

We are situated in the heart of Essex, close to the M25, so the perfect location for all of Essex, London and surrounding areas!

Our storage facility is installed with 24 hour CCTV, fire detection and intruder alarm so you can sleep easy knowing your storage is safe with us!

Primary Warehouse

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Always low!

Secure Storage

24 hour CCTV

Fire Detection

Intruder Alarm


6 Days a week

Open Monday to Saturday and Sunday with appointment

Our self storage 35sq ft containers are the ideal solution for your belongings. They are secure and offer easy access. Store your products across the boxes, whether you want to split by room in your house or fit as much as possible.

How much can our boxes fit?

As a rough estimate, our boxes can store the following

1 Box - Contents of a 1 bedroom flat

2 Boxes - Contents of a 2 bedroom house

3 Boxes - Contents of a 2/3 bedroom house

4 Boxes - Contents of a 3 bedroom house

5 Boxes - Contents of a large 3 bedroom house

6 Boxes - Contents of a 4 bedroom house

Best Tips for Storing with us!


Make a list

When placing a lot of items in storage it is hard to remember all of them! You can make your own list to remember what is in there or using the Primary Storage app which lists everything within your boxes.



To make the most use of space and organise efficiently, disassemble large furniture items prior to placing them in storage. Take apart headboards, bed frames and mattresses as well as disassembling table legs. Storing individual items in a vertical position towards the back of the box opens up the floor space for more storage!


Heavy items at the back!

When packing your items inside the storage box, start with the large, heavy belongings such as furniture and heavy boxes. Place these towards the back of the unit on the bottom. This helps create a stable base for lighter items.


Label, label, label!

It is very important to label every box and bin inside your storage box. Label everything with either permanent marker or printed labels. Also, make sure the labeled part of the box is facing the front of the storage unit. Labelling will help you to find your storage quickly and easily.

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Unit R6, Redhouse Farm, Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan, Essex. RM14 3TD

01268 541 800

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