Smart planning can give you a space that will work for years.

The idea of space planning is to visually show the client what furniture fits into their space and exactly how it will look. And we can help you by suggesting where your furniture would fit best and what would work perfectly for your company. 

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About Space Planning

Space planning plays an important role in the interior design process, it is essential to understand...

- how the space is to be used

- what different areas there will be

- how people will move around the space

Once these are understood and the structure is put into place, the furniture can then follow. Here at Primary Office Furniture Services, we understand the importance of space planning and can plan to maximise the efficiency of your working space.

How can we help?

A new service The Primary Group are offering is Space Planning. We can help you to visualise an office with brand new furniture or the relocation of existing furniture.
Space Planning can be useful for many things.

Firstly, renders are there for those that are unable to visualise exactly what their space will look like with either new furniture or their existing furniture relocated. Renders can create a snapshot of your new office, from the shape of the desks right down to the colour of the fittings. Secondly, floor plans are ideal to see an overview of all your furniture in your space; this will be created based on the actual measurements of your office. This will allow you to see what furniture will fit in and where you can relocate other furniture.

Check out an example of our space planning below